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AC4SME – Apprenticeship Coaches for SME – is a large scale European project launched under the coordination of EUROCHAMBRES and implemented by Chambers of Commerce & Industry in 12 countries.




 AC4SME is a response to the observation that Small and Medium-sized enterprises are not as much involved in apprenticeship than larger companies, whereas these SMEs represent two-third of private sector employment in Europe.

Why ?

Because the main obstacles encountered by SMEs to offer apprenticeship placements are:

  • a lack of time and human resources
  • too scarce knowledge of the legislation and administrative requirements
  • and low understanding of the benefits of taking on apprentices.




The main objective of AC4SME is to involve a growing number of SMEs in apprenticeship.

AC4SME aims at training 26 SME apprenticeship coaches in Chambers of Commerce. These coaches will be provided with adequate tools and skills in order to stimulate and convince SMEs to offer more apprenticeship placements. In this way, the 26 apprenticeship coaches will offer direct guidance to SMEs willing to host an apprentice.

These coaches will also be the foundation of a new European Network of Apprenticeship Coaches. The network of skilled apprenticeship coaches for SMEs will aim at positively impacting the motivation of SMEs to get more involved in apprenticeship.

Two toolboxes will be developed within the project. They will be available on the AC4SME website in twelve languages. The tools provided will focus on raising awareness, legal context and management issues.

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